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2009 Ireland Tour
February 24 - March 10, 2009

Billy Jo Spears, Philomena Begley, Louise Morrissey, Dee Reilly,and Carrie Moore at the Premier Hall
in Thurles

Daniel Shutt from Leeds, UK, along Norma Wallace and Irish country
stars Dee Reilly and Louise
Morrissey on March 5, 2009

Carrie Moore in Omagh

Carrie Moore and Dee Reilly
in Killarney

Philomena Begley and Billie Jo
Spears after the show in Castlebar

Dee Reilly, Billie Jo Spears, and
Carrie Moore in Dublin

Signing autographs with Louise Morrissey at the Helix Theater
in Dublin

Larissa and Billie Jo Spears
in Omagh

Receiving a standing ovation on our
last night in Castlebar

Giving my feet a rest in my dressing room at the Helix Theater in Dublin

Poster promoting 'The Queens of Country Show' in Castleblaney

Fans Paula Moriarty and Ann Daly
in Castlebar

2009 Grand Ole Opry Cruise
February 7 - 14, 2009

Fellow cruise performer
Mandy Barnett

Neighbor and good friend
Carolyn McClain

Becca and Lee Thompson

Carolyn McClain, Bill Smith,
Becca and Lee Thompson

Celebrating the Life of Porter Wagoner
August 12, 1927 - October 28, 2007

At the Porter Wagoner Memorial
Fishing Tournament on June 3, 2008,
with Pro Cindy Hill

Dolly, Denise, and Debra Jean
Planting a Rose at Dollywood in
Porter's Memory on April 12, 2008

Dolly Reminiscing About Porter's
Impact on Her Career and Life

Dolly with Steel Guitar Hall of Fame
Member and Former Wagonmaster
Member Don Warden

Onstage with Porter on
February 24, 2007, at the
Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree

With Former Wagonmaster Member
Buck Trent, a Wonderful Friend
to Both Porter and Me

With Porter's Daughter and
My Dear Friend Debra Jean Loy

With Steve Buchanan, Jack Greene,
Jan Howard, Dolly Parton, and
Mel McDaniel at Dolly's Tribute
to Porter on April 12, 2008

Animal Advocate at the Opry
Jeannie is proud to serve as a spokesperson for the national Humane Society organization by recording public service announcements and by serving as a HSUS "Special Friend" involved in supporting their animal protection programs.
Click Here
to read an interesting article about Jeannie posted on The Humane Society of the United States website.

Click Here
to watch a Public Service Announcement taped by Jeannie for the Humane Society.

Jeannie's Pets

Cheyenne, a Shih Tzu, came to me from another home in March of 2002. Who could not fall for those big brown eyes? I always tell folks that I didn't buy her...I just paid the other woman to let her come to live with me.

I've helped find homes for stray dogs that have been abandoned on my street along the Cumberland River. Such was the case with this adorable Pug whose full name is River Seely Martin and who now has a wonderful home with Donna Martin in Texas. Pictured with River is a Westie named Merilee...her full name is Merilee We Roll Along Martin.

This is a "family portrait" from a few years back with Shadpoke and Hamilton. They've both gone on to Rainbow Bridge and I miss them very much.

This photo with Love is from back in the 80's. Is she not precious? Love was a Maltese whose mother belonged to Irlene Mandrell.

Two of my favorite things are playing with pets and enjoying time in my yard. Here I had the opportunity to do both!

Be sure to check out the public service video that Cheyenne and I did for the Humane Society. In this photo Cheyenne is taking a needed rest after an active day of playing.

This is one of my favorite brother and sister photos of Cheyenne and Shadpoke. We lost Shadpoke just a few days shy of him turning 16.

I used this photo of Shadpoke on my Christmas cards several years ago, along with the Johnny Russell line
"Can everybody see me alright?"
I rescued Shadpoke and named him after a term my Mother used for a ragamuffin.

Grand Ole Opry Memories
June 2006 marks the 40th anniversary of Jeannie's first guest performance on the world famous Grand Ole Opry. At that time her first hit, "Don't Touch Me" (recorded on March 12, 1966), was climbing the country music charts. The following year on September 16, 1967, Jeannie became an official member of the Grand Ole Opry. She has been performing regularly on the Opry stage since then.

Nancy Comic Strip

Talented artist Guy Gilchrist illustrates the popular comic strip Nancy which appears daily in hundreds of newspapers across America. Guy is a huge Grand Ole Opry fan and has visited backstage at the Opry with Jeannie.

Regarding Jeannie, Guy wrote, "You are one of my all time favorite artists. And you are shining in the hearts of so, so many folks I know...all of whom adore you." Guy honored Jeannie in his Nancy Comic Strip on May 27, 2004. (Check out Aunt Fritzi's shirt and the book she is reading.)

Jeannie thought you might like to meet the newest "Grand Lady of the Grand Ole Opry". Guy's illustration shown on the right above was used as the 2003 Christmas card sent by the Grand Ole Opry.

2004 Grand Ole Opry Cruise

The following photos (courtesy of Jean Brown, President of Bill Anderson's Fan Club) were taken during the 2004 Grand Ole Opry Cruise which featured Jeannie along with Trace Adkins, Bill Anderson, Jim Ed Brown, Brad Paisley, and Eddie Stubbs.


Recommended Reading for Fans

Jeannie's recording of "Don't Touch Me" is ranked at No. 97 in the book titled Heartaches By the Number: Country Music's 500 Greatest Singles written by David Cantwell and Bill Friskics-Warren. The book was released in 2003 and was published by the Vanderbilt University Press and the Country Music Foundation Press. The authors mention that a year after Jeannie's release of "Don't Touch Me", Tammy Wynette recorded the same song. "But as good as her version is, it's not in the same league as Seely's," they write.

"Don't Touch Me" is also included in the book titled The Stories Behind Country Music's All-Time Greatest 100 Songs written by Ace Collins and published by Boulevard Books. Readers can learn how Buck Owens desperately wanted the song that Jeannie ultimately recorded and took to #1 on two national charts. The author writes, "Cochran's "Don't Touch Me" has stood the test of time like few other works. Hauntingly beautiful, poetry set to meter, this composition merits particular praise for the exquisite manner in which it relates its story of love, doubt, and commitment."

Released in 2003, Finding Her Voice: Women In Country Music was written by Mary A. Bufwack and Robert K. Oermann. The book, published by the Vanderbilt University Press and the Country Music Foundation Press, tells of the special bond female artists have with their audiences. The authors devote several pages to Jeannie in their book and write, "Jeannie's frank talk, striking intelligence, free-spirited lifestyle and deeply moving vocals have long set her apart from most female country stars. When she arrived in Nashville in 1965, women were still expected to portray the submissive country sweetheart. Jeannie blazed a nonconformist trail from the moment she hit the Opry in her mini-skirt." They later state, "With her chin-out, tough/tender, heart of gold manner Jeannie Seely remains one of country's most completely modern female personalities."

The Winter 2003 issue of Country Music Greats magazine contains a feature article by Ron Harman titled "20 Things You Might Not Know About Grand Ole Opry Star Jeannie Seely". To order a subscription to Country Music Greats (or to just order a copy of the Winter 2003 and/or Summer 1999 issues containing features on Jeannie), call 800-992-4487 or go to

The January 20, 2004 edition of Country Weekly magazine contains a great review of Jeannie's CD titled Life's Highway. The review by Chris Neal can be found on page 62.


Jeannie's Pets

We would enjoy seeing any photos that you'd like to share of your special pets so check out the bottom of the Fan Photo Scrapbook page for details on how you can send them to us.

Cole Seely

Pictured to the left is another Star in the "Seely" family. Young teenager Cole Seely has earned recognition and many honors by racing motorcycles on the Motocross circuit.

Cole, the son of Jeannie's nephew Jeff and wife Caryn, has been racing since he was only three years old.



Changing Hearts

The independent feature film Changing Hearts - in which Jeannie Seely appears as Mrs. Shelby of the Women's Baptist League - is now available on Video and DVD.

Proceeds from the movie will help non-profit organizations dedicated to cancer research, education, and support.

Trivia Questions and Answers

1. On January 29, 1969, "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" premiered on CBS-TV. Episodes of the popular variety show, which ran to June 1972, were recently shown on CMT.

A photo from Jeannie's guest appearance on Glen's show appears on her Biography page. What was the original air date of "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" on which Jeannie appeared?

A. April 2, 1969
B. March 22, 1970
C. February 7, 1971
D. January 11, 1972

2. Which member of Jeannie's band is married to a female singer whose record titled "Runaway Train" made the Billboard singles chart in 1994?

A. Piano player Joe Van Dyke
B. Fiddle player Kenny Sears
C. Bass player Danny Davis
D. Steel guitar player Tony Paoletta

3. Of the following songs from Jeannie's CD titled Been There…Sung That, which one was written in Las Vegas by Jeannie and her close friend Dottie West?

A. "Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye"
B. "He's All I Need"
C. "Burning An Old Memory"
D. "When He Leaves You"

4. Jeannie's single "Don't Touch Me" stayed on the Billboard country charts for 21 weeks. Which of the following hits by Jeannie remained on Billboard's country singles chart for 18 weeks?

A. "Can I Sleep In Your Arms"
B. "Lucky Ladies"
C. "It's Only Love"
D. "I'll Love You More (Than You Need)"

5. Which of the following artists did not record a version of Jeannie's Grammy-winning hit "Don't Touch Me'?

A. Tammy Wynette
B. George Jones
C. Lorrie Morgan
D. Sammy Kershaw

6. In which four years were Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely nominated for the Country Music Association's "Vocal Duo of the Year"?

A. 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972
B. 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973
B. 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1974
C. 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1975

7. A song written by Jeannie titled "Senses" was recorded by Willie Nelson. What female member of the Grand Ole Opry also recorded the same song?

A. Skeeter Davis
B. Connie Smith
C. Jean Shepard
D. Jan Howard

8. What actress was born and raised in the same Pennsylvania county as Jeannie, worked at a local McDonald's there, and recited the Gettysburg Address as her talent to become "Miss Crawford County"?

A. Meg Ryan
B. Heather Locklear
C. Sharon Stone
D. Sandra Bullock

9. What is the title of a song written by Jeannie that was recorded by Country Music Hall of Fame member Ernest Tubb?

A. "I Always Do"
B. "Sometimes I Do"
C. "Sometimes I Don't"
D. "I Never Do"

10. Which of the following individuals shown with Jeannie on her Photo Album page had a Top 10 country hit in 1967 with a song titled "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me"?

A. Mel Tillis
B. Bobby Bare
C. Johnny Russell
D. Robert Mitchum